Why is it so difficult to find a Civil Engineer with basic skills?

Civil Engineering graduates are swarming with apprx 4.8 lac passing each year. Most, from the premier institutions carry on with their higher studies or capture a placement on campus. They work in their core field and gain expertise and exposure.

While graduates from private institutions, either switch to IT or sales because of financial demands. Others who do not get placements, search for jobs through online and offline portals.

However, there are others who live in rural India or have no interest in pursuing jobs in their field or in any field. Who’s to blame?
1. Parents:- They do not want their child to go out since they shall have nobody at home.
2. Government:- states like Odisha, Andhra Pradesh etc. provide rice at 1Rupee a kg, 5 Rs. a kg dal (lentils) and similar items at a subsidized rate to the people below poverty line. This has become a ruckus as nobody wishes to move to earn, learn or grow. They are content with the rice, dal and atta and even sell it to shops at higher price.
3. Lack of proper skills to get a job:- Most of the graduates do not even know how many meters make a kilometer. Let alone complex calculations and measurements. They might not even be able to apply for a job since they do not know how to.
4. Lack of practical knowledge, exposure and experience at college:- Most of the colleges have a mandatory internship in the final year. However, students take this time not go on field and learn but to rejoice, roam around and get a fake certificate. The learning is ZERO. The exposure is ZERO

How shall this change?

1. Students have to endure a passion for their career. The ones who do, go a long way and the rest sit at home watching TV, criticizing the government for not doing its job and eat 1Rupee rice.

2. Colleges have to ensure that students receive practical training by collaborating with firms, training institute and labs, that are willing to train interns during the year.

3. Colleges must make sure to put a curriculum in place that is relevant to the field. Calculations, measurement, estimations, drawings, BBS etc. are inevitable part of a Civil Engineer’s job and they must be thorough with their concepts.

4. Government is already putting in efforts through Skill Training camps. Engineers can go and learn a lot of things.

5. Parents have put in effort, energy and money into raising and educating their children.They should be willing to let the child have a job outside his native place for his own growth and development.

6. Soft skill training is as crucial as technical knowledge. It is of utmost importance to ensure that students are able apply, get jobs and cope with the pressures of the corporate world.

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